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Generate More Leads with These 2 Magic Words

January 4, 2018


I’ve tried many tactics to generate qualified leads for my work, and there’s one thing that works like a charm. It’s a tactic I’ve employed from the very start of my business and it is the #1 reason why I’ve been able to generate over $40k in sales each year.


If you have an Etsy shop or sell your custom work online then this is the post to read, because I’m going to tell you the simple 2-word recipe to my secret selling sauce.


Since you’re selling online you likely have a product listing for your custom work that includes the following:


-Product Image

-Product Price

-Headline/Name of Item (stuffed with keywords)

-Long Form Description

-Info on how to reach you and what to send for the customization

-(Hopefully) Links to your other products or recommended products for cross promotion


You may be making the occasion custom sale like this, but I guarantee you there is a more strategic way that will generate more leads and help you close more custom sales with 2 magic words.




That’s right. Instead of listing out the price for the world to see, you need make them reach out to you for a custom quote.


This will help you in so many ways!


If you remove your pricing and implement the following (super simple) system for closing more custom sales, I guarantee you’ll see results.


Step 1: Remove The Price

On your personal website do NOT list the price of your custom products.


If you MUST list a price (like on an Etsy listing) then make it $1 and in big bold letters write:



Step 2: Tell Them What to Do

After you remove your price, ask your potential clients to “request a custom quote” and give them a very easy way of doing so, like through a Wufoo or Google form.


I like using forms because it allows me to collect the information I need to quote accurately from the beginning without having to go back and forth in a million emails. This saves you time, and time is money! Plus, this allows you to price however you see fit, and factor things like level of detail, time commitments, and your current workload when quoting prospects.


Warning: If you do NOT ask people to request a quote, then you’re losing out on a fantastic opportunity to find out who your prospects are! If someone comes to your site, browses around and leaves, then you’ve lost them for good and you never even knew you had them! They’ve come to your site, which expresses some level of interest, but now you don’t have any way of following up with them with enticing offers and information about your services. That’s what I call a lost opportunity.


Step 3: Reply within 5 Minutes

This isn’t as much of a step as it is a rule. When you do receive a quote request be sure to reply within 5 minutes for the best chance to closing the sale.


You may be thinking, what difference can it really make if I reply within 5 minutes versus a few hours. A few hours is still pretty fast, right?


Eh, wrong.


I’ve found that if I’m able to reply to a quote request within 5 minutes I am significantly more likely to win that business. And I have a ton of competition out there!


If you reply quickly you start building a report with the client first before your competition has time to respond, and they start to become more invested in you. Plus, people appreciate the quick response and they are more likely to do business with someone they like, so win them over from the start! A quick reply says to them that you are going to take care of them, you’re trustworthy, you’re on top of things, and it sets your relationship off on the right foot.


So, if you offer a custom product or service be sure to follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll be generating more qualified leads and closing more sales in no time!


PRO TIP: Set up an automatic filter so that when someone fills out your custom quote form their information is automatically sent to your email marketing provider (like Mailchimp or Constant contact) and keep them up to date on your newsletter list! They may decide they don’t need your custom product now, but you want to stay top of mind so that when your prospect is ready to buy they haven’t forgotten all about you!

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