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8 Tips for Capturing Leads on Your Artist Website

January 18, 2018

 As an artist you must learn how to put your marketing cap on and start generating leads for your business. Because when you have more leads then you have more chances of making a sale. And without sales you just have art, not artWORK.

It’s an empowering feeling to get paid for the work you do, and while we make art for the sheer love of it, no one has ever said “gosh, I wish I wasn’t getting paid to do the thing I love.”

There are many ways to start generating leads for your business, but that’s for a different blog. Once you have these leads it’s a matter of “capturing” them. For example, if you place an ad in a bridal magazine for your custom save the date illustrations and your call to action is to visit your website to learn more, then what happens when they come to your website? Many will leave without you ever even knowing they visited in the first place, and that’s what I call a lost opportunity.

So, how do you capture these people once they visit your website? Here are a few ways to capture leads that work well for artists:

1.     Free digital download – I’ve found this one works the best for my business. People are less and less willing to offer up their email address in exchange for things on the internet, but free digial downloads work well. Does your business offer a free template, pattern, print, font, etc. that you could deliver via email? Use that as a way to get potential customers to sign up for your email list, then deliver their free download right away. After that you can send them on a follow up sequence, or add them to your newsletter list for future promotions and updates.  

2.     Quote requests – This is another fantastic way to capture contact information from very warm leads. If someone is interested in working with you enough to fill out a quote request, then you know you have a hot prospect on your hands. An even if they don’t end up buying the product they’re requesting a quote for, there’s always a chance you can sell them another product you’re working on. These folks are also great to add to newsletter lists, because they may not be ready to buy now, but they might in a few months and that newsletter could come at the perfect time to remind them.

3.     Newsletter Lists – This is an old school technique that still works. Add a “subscribe to my newsletter for monthly updates, free gifts and deals!” could be just enough to pry an email out of someone. I find it helps to mention approximately how often you’ll be sending emails, because no one wants to get spammed.

4.     Free samples – If you offer a product you sell in bulk, or high ticket items, then a free sample could be a great way to get your lead’s contact information, and for them to learn a little more about what you do. This works extremely well for custom and personalized products, or products that are expensive but very well made. People sometimes need to see, touch, taste or even smell something in person before they’re able to commit to a larger purchase. So while you may be shelling out a bit of money up front for shipping, if your product is great, then you’ll likely see a lot of sales from your free samples.

5.     Free event registration- This has been a really fun way for me to capture leads and get to know my audience better. For a few years now I’ve been throwing coloring clubs in New York City and people purchase tickets for $5 on Eventbrite, and I get to collect their email addresses! If someone is interested in coloring enough to come to an event all about coloring, then perhaps they would be interested in purchasing one of my coloring books! I’ve ended up selling my coloring books at these events, and even sold numerous custom orders!

6.     Members only sections – If you have special content that you’d like to make available only to members of your site, create a members only section! This could be a paid benefit, or even free! When someone signs up for your member section then you capture their email address and can sell them on your products!

7.     Quizzes – quizzes have become increasingly more popular as lead captures and there are2 main strategies. The first is “FUN”. Make your quiz silly, fun and shareable! This should be something people take and then have to enter their email address to find out their results, and the more fun the result the more likely they to share. Perhaps the result is something silly, a funny video, or it could even be a badge of pride and honor. The second is “ASSESSMENT.” This is a more serious approach and could be used to get to know your leads pain points better. They take the quiz, fill out their email to get results and then your result should help solve their problem.

8.     Giveaways- Giveaways are a hugely popular way of generating leads and are very shareable! Giveaway a custom service, a piece of art or one of your products! This is a sure fire way to generate a ton of leads who you know are interested in what you’re offering. And for the people who don’t win, try to sell them your product!

There are so many ways to capture your leads and get to know your prospects and customers. Choose which lead capture is right for you, and try to make it fun for yourself and your customers! 


If you'd like help creating your lead captures, click here to work with me!


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