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80% of all sales happen after five attempts at doing THIS...

January 23, 2018


You get an inquiry from a potential client about a custom order or product on your website.


After celebrating for a brief moment you send an email with the information they requested, thank them for their interest and then wait...


....and wait....and wait....refresh your email (maybe you missed it)...and wait...a few days go by...still waiting...a week....starting to sweat....nothing....


Sound familiar?


We’ve all been there, ghosted by potential clients and get our hopes dashed after a few weeks of waiting. “Darn! They would have been my ideal client!”


That doesn’t have to be the case.


Did you know that 80% of all sales happen after at least 5 follow up attempts?


You might feel like you’re being annoying following up, but I promise you, if you do it right, you’re not! You’re actually helping them by reminding them that your product or service exists and it’s there to solve their problem when the time is right!


Now, there are a few ways to make the follow up process extremely annoying for a potential client. Here are a few traps to avoid:

  1. Do NOT call or email every single day until they reply. This will only succeed in really annoying your potential clients.

  2. Do NOT use language like “I’m expecting a reply” or “why haven’t you responded.” It’s not their job to respond to you and this will only come across as aggressive and pushy.

  3. Do NOT wait weeks and weeks before your first follow up attempt. They may have already forgotten about you!

Now that we know some cardinal sins of the follow up process, here are a few things that are good ideas to do:

  1. Wait 2-4 days before your initial follow up. Keep it short and simple, and consider offering a discount with an expiration date to add a sense of urgency (while also providing value).

  2. Be helpful! Ask if they have any questions you could answer or if they would like to schedule a call to talk more. Take this time to educate them a little further about your product or service.

  3. Always end your emails with a question/request. This will help engage your Prospect in the conversation!

  4. Offer to send a free sample and ask for their address! You will often have people take you up on this offer and then the mailed sample can include a hand written note, coupon or other fun goodies that could help your Prospect turn into a customer.

  5. Follow up at least five times! Spread this out over a period of time like: 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 14 days, 30 days...people won’t be annoyed if they hear from you once every few weeks. And they may have reached out during the initial planning process and might need a longer time to nurture before they’re ready to buy...this is especially true for expensive products and services!

  6. Follow up with current clients as well! It’s often easier to get clients to re-order from you than to convert a Prospect into a first time customer! And it’s always nice to offer your good customers a discount when they reorder. It shows appreciation!

  7. If you think following up will take too much time, use a tool like Boomarang to schedule a follow up email so you don’t have to remember to do it! Or, consider automation systems like Mailchimp or Infusionsoft that can drip your prospects follow up emails automatically and even use logic to send different emails based on their clicks!

  8. A subtle and more sophisticated way of following up is to remarket to prospects who have visited your site or emailed you and serve them google display ads.

Use these tips to create a follow up campaign for yourself and you’ll be generating more sales in no time! If you’d like to work with me to create your follow up system for success, click here to book a consultation!


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