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How to Double the Effectiveness of Your Ad Spend (without spending more money!)

January 25, 2018


If you’re a small business or just starting out, chances are you have a limited advertising budget.


And that's ok! You just need to know how to use it so that you can get as much return on your ad spend as possible. This is also knows as ROAS (return on ad spend).


There are endless possibilities when it comes to advertising. You could spend your hard earned ad dollars on traditional media like print and radio, pay bloggers to post about you or put a banner ad on their website, pay to boost a post on Facebook, run a Google Adwords search or display campaign, attend trade shows, buy or cultivate a list of prospects and send them a postcard in the mail, and on and on...


If you're not smart about your advertising, then you could easily spend $2,000 on a print ad or email blast that returns $0, and it will leave you pretty sour. 

No matter what your advertising strategy is, you are likely driving traffic to your website. If people click an ad on a bloggers website they should be sent to your website. If they see your ad in a magazine or newspaper, you should encourage them to visit your website, etc.

So, what happens when they visit your site? Why is it so essential to drive traffic to your website?


Let's do some quick math!


If 100 people visit your website in a day, chances are about 50 will bounce right away, never even exploring your site or portfolio. Maybe their husband walked in the room, or they had to run to work, or the commercials for their favorite show ended...there are many reasons why people could start looking at your site and then leave without taking action. Another 47% may click on your blog, shop, or gallery, and then leave without signing up for your newsletter or purchasing. Let's say 2 people decide they like your work and sign up for your newsletter to learn more about your work, sales, etc. Then one single person decides to make a small purchase on your website. 


The ONLY people you know anything about are the 2 people who gave you their email address and the one person who made a purchase. But you had 100 people visit your site!

What happens to the other 97% that you’ve spent your hard earned buck trying to get to your website? If you do nothing, then that’s what you’ll get. Nothing. They come, they go, they forget about you within a few minutes.

It’s not their job to remember you exist when they finally need what you’re selling. That’s YOUR job.

And this is the fundamental purpose of "remarketing". To remind people why they visited your site in the first place and connect with them even after they've left your website. Remarketing allows you to serve targeted ads to a warm group of leads who have already expressed interest in your work - while they browse elsewhere around the internet.

ACTION REQUIRED: Be sure to install Facebook and Adwords remarketing pixels on your website right away!! If you don't know how to do this, here are a few helpful sites for installing your Facebook pixel, and Adwords pixel


Even if you’re not ready to start paying for advertising yet, install your pixels now so that when you’re ready you’ll already have an audience to market to!


When you are ready to start remarketing you will not have a "list" of people who have visited your site and expressed interest, and your new marketing funnel is:

  • Your prospect sees your original ad or hear about you for the first time

  • They visit your website and are added to your remarketing list automatically (if pixels are installed)

  • They leave your website without buying or signing up

  • You send them ads on websites they visit or on Facebook

  • They click on your remarketing ad

  • They come back to your website and make a purchase!

You are much more likely to make a sale if they are reminded of you in the few days weeks or even months after their initial website visit. The first 10 days after a prospect expresses interest are the most important, so be sure to set up a marketing and remarketing system that works!


If you're not sure where to start or need help setting up a remarketing campaign, click here to set up a marketing consult with me!



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