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4 Ways to Instantly Optimize for Higher Profits

September 23, 2018

As an artist and entrepreneur your eye is probably always one 1 of 2 things...your art and your bottom line. 


As artists we want to know how to make money from our art, and I'm here to help you instantly improve your profits with any one of these 4 strategies. 


Strategy #1: Optimize my ads to get more traffic for less money. 


How much do you spend on advertising right now? Let's say you spend $10 per day on Facebook and you're getting 100 people to your website each day. That means you're paying $0.10 per website visit. So, what can you do to optimize your ads to get a cost of $0.05 per visit? Try testing new images, new copy or even adjusting your targeting to be as specific as possible about who your ideal clients are. 


Strategy #2: Optimize your landing page to convert more of those visitors. 


If you have 100 people coming to your website each day and you're making 2 sales (a 2% conversion rate is pretty solid) then think of what you could do to cover 3 people or even 4 people per day. Would changing your featured images help? Maybe adding your "buy now" button towards to the top of the page would help? Keeping copy short or testing longer descriptions? Think about what you can do to covert more people who are visiting your site. 


Strategy #3: Optimize your sales process to close more sales. 


If your business relies on custom work, then chances are you have to communicate back and forth with a potential client many times before you make the sale. So, what can you do to close more of those sales? Perhaps you can return their messages faster and show them you're serious? Perhaps you can send them sample of your work? Maybe you can change the working in your emails and end every email with a question so that you're more likely to get a reply. Think of how you can optimize your communication to close more sales. 


Strategy #4: Raise your prices. 


This one is the simplest, but often the scariest to actually enact in your business. Chances are you are charging too little for the work you do. Think about what could happen if you increase your prices by 5%. Would you suddenly lose all your clients or leads? Probably not? What about if you raise your price by 10% or 25%? Test out raising your prices and maybe even set a date that you're going to raise them and email your past clients and leads saying "prices are going up on X Date" to get people to purchase now instead of waiting. 


You don't have to completely overhaul your business to increase your profits by 10% or even DOUBLE. A few small changes can make a huge impact. 


If you'd like to learn more tips like these, click here to subscribe to the Earning Artist Blog!


Check out Monica's custom coloring book business at www.CuriousCustom.com



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